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Creatine – Myth or magic

  Creatine is often taken by athletes and non-athletes alike to help boost sports performance and aid recovery. In almost every health food shop in the country and in many gyms and sports clubs, large tubs of creatine in various guises can often be found. However, what exactly is creatine and does it really live up to the claims and are there any drawbacks? What is Creatine? Creatine is a naturally occurring substance made up of amino acids which are also the building blocks of proteins. Our liver and kidneys make most of the creatine and it is largely stored

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Recovering from Sports Injuries – Part 1

At some point in any sports person’s career injuries will happen – not only in elite sport but persistent throughout all levels of ‘sports’ down to your regular gym goer. Sadly, in high-level elite sport there is evidently a higher percentage risk of injury, as we are constantly trying to push the body beyond the limit. Athletics in general, is a tightrope – you are always a few inches away from plummeting off and having to grind your way back up to the top once more! Over the past 8 years of competing at the top end of athletics I

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Train SMARTer not just Harder!

  With the winter months closing in, it is getting harder and harder to motivate yourself to exercise especially if you have not been exercising for a while.   Indeed, one of most frequently asked questions I get asked in the Surgery is how to start exercising? This is often in response to me saying that exercise is way to alleviate your back pains or that exercise is the way to lower your blood pressure or that exercise is the way to reduce your cholesterol. Often the advice is given to time-short working people and within the consultation, we have

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