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F.A.T. – FORM AND TECHNIQUE These are principles behind Ian’s workouts and our app! It’s not about gimmicks, trying to squeeze everything in or fads. No matter how much tracking, automation, wearable tech you can get your hands on, you have to work your body to get fit. A press up will always be a press up and one of the best all round exercises. From the videos, Ian and Natalie show the correct form for almost 100 exercises. Follow the FAT principle and you will get fit and strong.   But for the purposes of this blog post, we

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Exercising at the right time for your body

This post stemmed from a desire to make the most of the lighter mornings and longer days! Not sure if any of you noticed but the weather in the United Kingdom can be a bit ….. wet… put it mildly and politely! So bright days or even bright mornings should be taken advantage of and that is what I am trying to do. However, I know from my own preference, I train better in the evenings and in the morning I am more likely to have a strong coffee rather than one of Ian’s workouts.   It led us to

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Measures of Fitness

Obviously, we are in the business of getting people fit. But apart form seeing your abs better in your instagram post, how do you actually know you are getting fitter? On a really simple level, you can count the number of press-ups or burpees that you can complete in say 30 secs and the fitness test in the app that Ian designed is based upon that principle. A fitter person would have a higher overall score on our test – can’t get simpler than that! But it’s not standardised and if you don’t use our app, you can’t compare with

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Juice is Best?

Many of you may have got a juicer or blender or nutri-bullet from Santa last Christmas or picked one up in a clearance sale. How many times have you used it? Be honest! I actually bought a juicer a couple of years ago after I had promised myself it would not be left to accumulate dust and that it would herald the start of new health dawn for me and my family.   I was asked to write a piece on the benefits of juicing by Ian Williamson from the Peak fitness app as he was looking to see to

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The 6 Stages of a Sports Injury

Like many of people I have set fitness and health related goals to achieve for 2016. Whether it is to get fit for a race, lose weight or just get in better general health – good luck to you all! However, some of you may be injured and that could be preventing you from setting let alone achieving any fitness goals this year.     During my work as a personal trainer I have had quite a few people speak to me in the gym regarding their own injuries, particularly what I did to keep myself fit and how to

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Drink your way to a fitter body this year!

Drink your way to a fitter body this year!   We are told on such a regular basis to drink more water – and that drinking more water would be the solution to a variety of ills and will keep us healthy and fit! Whilst that is true – it is something (myself included) that is rarely adhered to especially when we exercise. It is all very well to keep saying drink more water but how much should we be taking on board and do we need any other nutrients to maximise our performance and recovery?   Pre-exercise Even minor

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