These are principles behind Ian’s workouts and our app!

It’s not about gimmicks, trying to squeeze everything in or fads.

No matter how much tracking, automation, wearable tech you can get your hands on, you have to work your body to get fit.

A press up will always be a press up and one of the best all round exercises.

From the videos, Ian and Natalie show the correct form for almost 100 exercises. Follow the FAT principle and you will get fit and strong.


But for the purposes of this blog post, we wanted to extend FAT to running. In the next couple of app updates, we are going to introduce interval training that could either be bike work or running.

For running form, we focus on 3 key areas – posture, alignment and core strength.



Look forward – seems almost too obvious to say, but a lot of us look down when we run or when we start to get tired. nd this causes our bums to stick out and then we start plodding with our feet.

So look forward, tuck your bum in!



We are all beautifully asymmetric!

Different limb lengths, different foot sizes, different muscle bulk.

One of the most common things you see, is that one of the feet externally rotates out before striking the ground.

Get someone to record you running and see if any part of your body is misaligned.


Core Strength

To get your bum tucked in and to keep your head up, your core needs to be strong.

Strong back muscles and strong abs.

So look up Ian’s Core Workouts and you can get abs as good as him!