This post stemmed from a desire to make the most of the lighter mornings and longer days!

Not sure if any of you noticed but the weather in the United Kingdom can be a bit ….. wet… put it mildly and politely!

So bright days or even bright mornings should be taken advantage of and that is what I am trying to do.

However, I know from my own preference, I train better in the evenings and in the morning I am more likely to have a strong coffee rather than one of Ian’s workouts.


It led us to look into circadian rhythms and exercise times. The article whose link is included is from the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine and confirms that physiologically the best time to exercise is early evening as our core temperatures are higher and so our energy utilisation and muscle mobilisation is more efficient but it also says that for morning workouts, extra warm-up times can be used to increase our core temperatures into that optimum range and therefore shift the optimum exercise time!


So that means – I have to wake up earlier to get a better workout!