Reach your peak fitness by following the professional workouts and exercise advice in Peak, the personal trainer app for iPhone.

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  • Workouts for all fitness levels

    Each workout has 10 levels of difficulty to support all levels of fitness and provide a great way to progress.

  • Learn about exercise form

    Over 80 exercises with instructional videos that cover good form and mistakes to avoid.

  • Workout Player

    Easy to follow workout player with exercise timings, form videos and an integrated music player.

  • Workout variety

    Workout modules provide 81 possible workout combinations per level, over 800 different workouts in total.

  • Apple Health integration

    Save workouts and calorie burn to Apple Health. Use sex, age, height and weight information for more accurate calorie estimates.

About Peak

The Peak Fitness System contains full body, circuit style workouts with progressive difficulty that cater for all fitness levels and help you advance. All workouts are created by Personal Trainer and international level athlete, Ian Williamson. They have been tuned over many years of training clients with a range of fitness levels and are designed to give you a challenging workout whilst avoiding injury.


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